October 28, 2018

French Bulldogs are still considered to be a rare breed, even though they have become quite popular during the recent years. This is probably because the times have changed so that their best friends - people, work indoors more than before, and have less time to spend outside, and French Bulldogs are great companions for this kind of a lifestyle.


First of all, they don’t need much upkeep. Their diet is quite restrictive as they are prone to obesity, and their structure is so that although they are quite energetic, they don’t need a lot of exercise. They also don’t do very well in the heat and in the humid, so mild weather suits them best. As they are very affectionate, they make great pets for people who need companionship and are also considered one of the best choices for family pets. They are bright and alert, so they are moderately easy to train - not the easiest, but also not impossible. All that being said, it is important to know that most Frenchies don’t really enjoy being all alone. They feel their best when they are with others, either a loving companion or a whole family of people or other dogs to play with. This is good news if you plan to have more pets, but maybe not so encouraging if you are living alone and working away from home for most of the day.


Still, one thing is for certain - no matter your personality, a French Bulldog is bound to make you smile and laugh each and every day you spend together!

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