November 17, 2018

Dogs are people’s best friends. They are meant to have all the fun in the world, which occasionally means - getting dirty while playing! But even though a dog is a dog, it doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t have a proper hygiene routine, especially if he belongs to the French Bulldog breed.


Some veterinarians believe that the less you bathe your dog, the better it is for their coat, especially if they have short hair, but a shower once every few weeks, in warm conditions, shouldn’t do any harm. What’s more important, however, is taking care of the Frenchie’s skin. There are special dog wipes or solutions you can buy in pet stores to use wherever there are skin folds that can hold bacteria and dirt. You can try and create a routine where you wipe your dog’s feet each time you come back from a walk, or at least on a regular basis. There are also special solutions to be bought for cleaning your dog’s ears.

Frenchies don’t need to have their hair cut, luckily, but they do tend to shed a little when the seasons change, so you can use a comb to take out the excess hair.

Teeth cleaning is also required as it would be for any dog - and it usually becomes a nightmare for both the pet and the owner. Use a special toothbrush and a toothpaste for this operation, but the best advice is to start this routine when they are the youngest, so that they get used to it. It’s not something you have to do daily, but the more often you do, the better it will be for their health.

All in all, create a routine that will work best for you and your dog, where you will use the time not only to get him clean but also to check his overall wellbeing.

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