November 24, 2018

French Bulldogs have recently become a very popular breed to own and love. But before you decide to include a new member in your family, be sure to research the diet of the breed you are interested in, as keeping their food healthy and, most importantly, right for them, should be your number one priority. By ensuring a balanced diet you will ensure your puppy stays healthy and happy for longer.


Introducing a hypoallergenic diet, with about one fourth of proteins, and five percent fat, is a measure you can’t go wrong with. As Frenchies tend to swallow a lot of air as they eat, they often suffer from gas, so a grain-free diet would help minimize the flatulence. You can cook the food yourself, which is always a great option, but then you have to research and make sure your puppy is getting enough vitamins and nutrients, or you can rely on already prepared granules and wet food. Always invest in those brands of higher quality, which doesn’t necessarily mean they need to be the most expensive - to be sure, ask your vet for a recommendation.


Another important question to answer is - how much food should a grown up French Bulldog eat? A puppy will need about three to four meals a day, while an adult dog will need about two meals a day, and the quantity depends on their activity level. It can be about a fistful of food or up to 200 grams per meal. Either way, be careful not to overfeed your Frenchie as they are known for having a good appetite naturally and are prone to obesity, so keep an eye on their overall health progress. Avoid treats, research the foods that dogs normally should and shouldn’t eat (no chocolate allowed!), and you will be a fine pet parent!

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