December 06, 2018

When you decide to become an owner of any official dog breed, you should do your research well especially when it comes to the part of the expected health issues. Unfortunately, breeded dogs tend to have numerous problems due to their genetics and the way they have been created - there are hardly any ‘’natural’’ dog breeds left, if you can even call them ‘’natural’’. That said, mixed breed dogs are not necessarily healthier - it all depends on the combination of genes. So, sometimes it is good to know what breed your dog is just to be that little bit more prepared for what might come, and so to take better care of their needs, especially nutrition.


French Bulldogs have a great personality, make terrific family pets, and their life expectancy is about twelve years. They love to eat but due to their structure, they should have controlled food intake to avoid obesity, which can trigger hearth and bone issues, especially when it comes to their hips. Breathing problems unfortunately come as a given with this breed as well as other flat-faced ones, and so Frenchies don’t do well in hot or humid conditions. Eye conditions are also common. Also, they find it difficult to swim, so they shouldn’t be forced to try.


Either way, be a responsible owner, take good care of your Frenchie and keep an eye on anything that might be a bit out of the norm, so that you can react on time and prevent any complications.

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