January 20, 2019

French Bulldogs are a breed that becoming more and more popular as they are great companions and even better family pets. They are alert, intelligent and playful! But can they be trained?

Before you even consider it, be aware of the fact that Frenchies don’t do well in hot weather, as well as humid conditions. They have difficulty breathing, so pushing them over the edge, or exercising them for too long can be health damaging to them. They are also not the best swimmers, so try not to invite them to swim. A stroll on the beach, in the spring evening or autumn day is enough of an adventure for them. So be sure to create an environment where they will feel well, feel happy and relaxed, and feel prepared to begin learning!

As with mostly everything in life, training this breed depends a lot on the individual. But in all honesty, Frenchies do have a reputation of being a bit more stubborn just because they easily lose interest in one activity. So, in order to train a Frenchie, you need a plan and a routine that will suit both of you. It needs to be interesting for him, not to repetitive, and it needs to involve breaks so that your Frenchie can learn everything in his own pace. Frenchies respond best to treats when learning, but do be careful as they are not to gain more weight than their structure can handle. Good luck!

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