About Us

Owners of I Like frenchies website matt and Xanthi
What was the idea behind “I like Frenchies”? It all started about a year ago, when we met our little Frenchie, Apollo. It was love at first sight, so we were now three in our little flat in Barcelona, Spain. During our walks every day, we realized that his chubby tummy, wrinkly face and cute ears, made everyone around him smile. This is when we decided to convert this image (and feeling) into a variety of products. Products that our customers would wear, or use and they would instantly become happier, just like ourselves, when we see our little furry child.
We are a young couple of who loves food, French bulldogs and adventure. So what would be the best way to share this love with like-minded people? The answer was simple. To create a brand that would incorporate our puppy’s adventures into t-shirts, mugs, pillow cases, phone cases and other products that people love using on a daily basis. That way, they can smile just like us, by interacting with these cute doggos we all love.
Apollo, who is the main character of our designs, loves treats, naps and cuddles. That’s why, most of our products are short stories of his life. Since our brand is part of who we are, we strive for the best quality and price. So, go ahead, have a look at our super cool designs and let us introduce you to Apollo and his friends. We are sure that you will love him as much as we do!